About Australian Wine In Hong Kong

The Wine Brothers industry is among the largest producers of wine, with around 800 million liters of the 1.2 to 1.3 billion liters generated yearly going to international marketplaces. The wine business contributes significantly to Australia’s economies in general of output, jobs, trade, and tourism. Australian wines have a $3.5 billion domestic economy, with Australians purchasing over 500 million liters per year. With 54 liters of wine consumed per capita, Norfolk Islanders are the 2nd largest wine consumers.

Why are Australian Wineries famous?

It’s known for its crisp, fruity red and white table wineries, which are consistently good. Around 2,000 wineries exist in the region, with many of them being tiny, family-owned enterprises. Foster’s Wine Group, Constellation Wines, PernodRicard, and McGuigan Simeon Wines, along with single family-owned wine, Casella Wines, are accountable for around two-thirds of all wine production.

Wine Brothers: Best Australian Wine Delivery in Hong Kong.

 -Wine Brothers are two brothers who make wine. Our shared passion for wines has brought us together. And the notion that wine shops in Hong Kong are deserving of more. Small-batch Australian vineyards provide us with great-tasting wines. It’s a delectable wine crafted with the passion that you won’t find anyplace else. In Hong Kong, you may shop for wines from the convenience of your couch, and we’ll deliver them directly to your front doorstep.

-They’ve been introducing Hong Kong to the undiscovered realm of tiny batch Australian boutique wineries since their inception in 2016.  Hong Kong wine industry is in desperate need of a dose of fun, invention, style, and youth. They are exposing a new way ahead towards combining a varied and compelling range of wines with such a passionate staff, a novel approach to purchasing, consuming, and enjoying wineries.