Is your water too hard to use and is spoiling your home? Here is the solution

Hard water has many dissolved minerals beyond the permissible level,making it unfit for consumption. The dissolved minerals leave behind stains and marks wherever they are used; this type of water is neither fir for human consumption nor washing and bathing purpose. It takes away the shine and brightness of textiles, making them fade with every wash and causing irritation and rashes on the skin.

What makes water hard or soft?

The dissolved minerals in water and the limit of their dissolution renders hardness or softness to water. Hard water is the one that has dissolved calcium, and magnesium carbonates, bi-carbonates, andsulfates. In commercial uses, hardness in water can be checked by the ability of water to produce foam; hard water does not produce lather.On the other hand, soft water is the desired water; it is free from dissolved metal salts such as carbonates, sulfates, and bi-carbonates of iron, magnesium, and calcium.

How to treat hard water?

Treatment of hard water can be done with the help of vinegar since it neutralizes the effect of salt on calcium and magnesium, but this cannot be done for a large quantity of water. Therefore, commercial water softeners are installed in buildings to treat the water and make it fit for consumption. These water softeners have a salt filtrations system that traps the salts and disposes them. When water moves the filters, the salts are absorbed by the absorbents or removed by reverse osmosis and making the water soft. The commercial water softener installation in Katy, TX, is the ultimate solution to hard water.

Are there any drawbacks to using a water softener?

There is no downside to using a water softener since it is the only possible way of organically treating hard water. It makes the water fit for consumption, cleaner dishes, shinier skin, and brighter clothes. Dissolved minerals in the water also corrode the pipes and fittings and get depositedinside pipes and valves, making the flow of water slowly and leading to leakage after some time.Therefore, it is always advised to use a water softener.