Gaku Echizenya’s CEO Vision: Adapting to Revolution 4.0 in Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful destination for job-seekers from abroad who would like to develop their careers in Asia. It is currently attracting multinational businesses to establish bases in its booming economic system, creating plenty of jobs that are available to local workers and foreigners alike.

Gaku Echizenya is the CEO of Navigos Group. He explained, “In Revolution 4.0 foreign employees are essential to build an inclusive work environment as well as affect the corporate culture”.

Vietnam Recruitment Agents

As Vietnam seeks to become a global player, large international corporations are expanding their operations in the country. They are looking for managers who have the right qualifications to connect the gap between local traditions and international best practices.

The hr consulting can aid in finding the perfect person for your company. They provide services that include candidate searching, assessment and interviewing and placement.

Adecco Vietnam, ManpowerGroup, and Robert Walters are major players on the Vietnamese recruitment market. These companies offer recruitment services to candidates from a variety of different industries like banks, financial services, technology, accounting and human resources, hospitality manufacturing, and supply chain. Monroe Consulting Vietnam, for an example, can provide customized solutions to meet business objectives and requirements. They make use of sourcing strategies in order to identify, evaluate and select the best talent that will be an asset to companies.

Problems with Hiring Expats

Vietnam has an active economic system, skilled workers and is situated in Southeast Asia. Employing expatriates in Vietnam requires you to comply with local laws and regulations, which may differ from your country of origin. This also requires establishing an efficient payroll system that is compliant with Vietnamese regulations, and enables firms to pay contractors promptly and efficiently.

Vietnamese officials are currently seeking to make it easier for foreigners for obtaining a work permit and also extending exemptions. Employers are still required to prove their demand for foreign workers by proving they attempted to hire local candidates but couldn’t find an appropriate Vietnamese suitable for the position. The employer must show that the job requires specific skills which are not readily available in Vietnam. The right partner can be an important factor in determining success and failing in Vietnam hiring.

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Global Talent Pool Access for Vietnam

Vietnam has a rapidly growing tech industry and relatively low wage in comparison to the neighboring nations, is rapidly becoming a sought-after location for multinational companies looking to expand operations in the region. To make the most of this talented pool of talent, enterprises need to implement best techniques to create a solid branding of their company and provide competitive salaries and benefits.

Furthermore, having working in a workplace with flexibility that encourages personal growth as well as satisfaction among employees is essential for recruiting and retaining top talent. The way to do this is by making use of a number of tools such as online career portals as well as professional networking websites. It can also assist in determining which skills and qualifications will be most appreciated locally on the labour market. This allows businesses to focus their recruiting efforts in the right direction.

Legal compliance with respect to recruitment of expatriates

Employees from abroad can bring the perspective of a different culture and know-how to international companies. They also contribute to their success. It is essential to understand the employment law implications when hiring foreign employees. It includes recruiting of cultural sensitivity, compliance with local labor regulations, and repatriation.

In order to prevent delays, it is important to follow a strict procedure for issue of permit for work. A PEO can assist companies in the procedure and make sure that they are in compliance with local labor law. In addition, a comprehensive cross-cultural training program can help the families of expatriates and those living abroad adjust to the changing culture. The programs also increase company engagement as well as brand credibility.

Cultural Bridge Services to Expatriates living in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with numerous positive aspects, such as an aging population as well as abundant natural resources. Additionally, the country has an economic system that encourages commerce and has laws favorable to business. However, the country still has its challenges to doing business in Vietnam in overcoming culture difference is among the challenges.

The French language, food and architectural style are all proof of the long-standing interest that Vietnamese have with France. A lot of Vietnamese have also had friends or relatives who live in France.

Cultural bridge services are designed for helping Vietnamese workers and managers overseas better understand the Western counterparts’ culture as well as communication styles, behavior and values. They’ll no longer view their Western counterparts through Vietnamese lens and will be able to build lasting professional relationships. This will enhance their work productivity and general satisfaction.