EV Vehicles Charging In Hong Kong 

Hong Kong has recognized the environmental implications of having a fuel-based transportation system, and it has actively encouraged its citizens to use Electric Vehicles or EV’s. Many EV models have also been made eligible for incentives by the government to get people to buy them.

CSTL has certainly taken off in the direction it was supposed to.

The number of Electric Vehicles has quadrupled since 2017, and the government expects them to outnumber the number of diesel and petrol-based cars on the roads in coming years. With the proliferation of EV’s on the road comes the need for charging stations for them.

The government has also taken care to give special permissions for EV charging hong kong stations to be set up in residential, public, and private areas. Here are their guidelines for setting up the charging station.

How to set a charging station for private use 

When it comes to setting up EV charging hong kong for private usage in your home, these are the steps you need to follow:

  • Get permission from and liaise with the owner/incorporated owners (IO)/property management company (PMO) of the building complex you stay in to know the feasibility of installing an EV charging station for your vehicle.
  • After obtaining permission, you need to get a Registered Electrical Contractor to get the charging station facilities installed.
  • You will also need to apply for an electrical supply from HK Electric.

There are also various charging stations built and set up by HK Electric along with various points in Hong Kong island. You can browse the official website of HK Electric to know their exact locations.

Setting up a charging station is easy as the government actively supports it. You will not face any problems getting the approval or having it installed in your home.