How to Choose the Right North Kingstown Handyman for the Job

Handymen are an incredibly useful resource to have around the house. They can repair, build and do many other things that would take you hours or days to do yourself. If you’re looking for handyman jobs in North Kingstown, it’s important to know which ones are the best fit for your unique home repairs and projects as well as what kind of work they specialize in so you’re not missing out on the perfect craftsman for your job. This guide will help you learn how to choose the right North Kingstown handyman for your project.

Types of Plumbing Jobs

  • Clearing clogs from sinks and toilets
  • Fixing leaky faucets. -Repair leaks in pipes, if you’re not sure where it’s coming from
  • Re-caulking a bathtub or shower
  • Fixing a toilet that won’t flush
  • Unclogging a sink drain with a plunger or plumbers snake
  • Not every plumbing repair job is going to be an emergency. Here are some simple things you can do at home in case of a minor plumbing problem

Types of Electrical Jobs

handyman jobs in North Kingstown

There are many different types of electrical jobs that a handyman can take on. We recommend that homeowners have an emergency plan and know what they need before they find a handyman. Below is a list of common electrical jobs:

  • Lighting fixtures or bulbs
  • Ceiling fans or light fixtures
  • GFCI outlets, cords, or switches
  • Outlets, plugs, wiring, or breaker panels
  • Appliances with plug-ins

Types of Painting and Decorating Jobs

The best way to find a reliable handyman is by asking friends and family members who’ve had work done by one. Some other great ways of finding someone are: searching online, reading reviews, contacting a local contractor, and asking your landlord if he has any recommendations. Keep in mind that not every handyman will do all types of jobs, so it’s important to choose one who specializes in the type of project you need to be completed. Here are some common paint/decorating jobs that might require a handyman:

Painting – Choosing the right color scheme is key, so be sure to consult with a professional before deciding on one; Painting interior walls can be messy and difficult so leave it up to an expert; Exterior painting (particularly on stucco homes) requires extensive prep work because dirt can’t just be brushed away.